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Macromolecular Crystallography


The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions;

  1. What services are available?
  2. Whom do I contact?
  3. Who will set-up crystallization trays using the robots?
  4. Who will collect data, solve, and refine the structure?
  5. How much will it cost?
  6. Are structures submitted to the Protein Data Base?

What services are available? - Users of the Molecular Observatory can seek assistance with every step of the crystallography technique, including sample purification, crystallization tray set-up, crystal optimization, data collection and processing, structure solution, refinement, and analysis, and structure publication and submission.

Whom do I contact? - See our contact page and get in touch with Pavle for crystallization tray setup, and Jens for all other questions, including initial orientation.

Who will set-up trays using the robots? - Pavle in the crystallization facility will set-up trays for infrequent users. Frequent users will be trained in the proper proceedures, enabling them to set-up their own trays.

Who will collect data, solve, and refine the structure? - Users will be trained in the proper proceedures for in-house and synchroton data collection by Jens. He is also available to train users in the process of solving and refining the crystal struture, and assist in all phases of crystallography.

How much will it cost? - The crystallization facility charges $55 per tray set-up robotically for groups on campus or in the Caltech community. Additional fees for other crystallography services will be announced in the future.

Are structures submitted to the Protein Data Base? - Structures must be submitted to the PDB upon publication submission. There are several options for structure release, including release only upon publication. Please see Jens for help with the submission process.